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My name is Ed Wyrick and I live in Athens, Georgia. Until August 20, 2002, I went to work as a high school counselor every weekday— always among the first to arrive each morning. I was well respected by my supervisors, my colleagues, and the parents and students I served. In the previous twenty years, I had earned a doctorate at the University of Georgia; had two mystery novels published by St. Martin's Press; had short stories published in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine and in literary magazines; was on the cover of Writer's Digest, a national magazine for aspiring writers; taught myself web design and developed and maintained websites for my school and others; and was a loving husband who raised three daughters as an active father attending school functions, soccer games, mock trial team competitions, and ballet recitals. In short, at 51 years of age, I was deemed to be a successful, talented, responsible, reliable, and intelligent professional family man.

I was also an overweight active alcoholic, two-pack-a-day smoker with elevated blood pressure, a racing pulse rate, and triglycerides so high that my cholesterol levels could not be accurately calculated. Walking up the street was a challenge.

Driver's LicenseEd in 1996.

On July 4, 2007 I was nearly five years away my last drink of alcohol and my last cigarette. I was seventy pounds lighter and had been that way for over two years. My blood pressure was normal and my resting heart rate was in the low forties. Without medication, my triglycerides were in the seventies, LDL cholesterol was in the sixties and HDL cholesterol was in the upper fifties. In case you don’t know it, those are terrific numbers. On that day in July, I ran the 6.2 miles of the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta in fifty-one minutes and seventeen seconds. That time put me in three thousand and eighth place in the 55,000 person race. That result was just fine with me. A sense of pride and accomplishment had replaced the fear and self-loathing that was consuming me.

A week later, I was in Dr. Farris Johnson’s office. He became my general practitioner after I fired my previous doctor a few weeks after my last drink of alcohol before he finished killing me. I was telling Farris about my results in the race. Knowing I had books published before, he said, “You ought to write about that.”

“The race?”

“About getting better—alcohol, cigarettes, weight, cholesterol, health—everything.”

OK, I've done it. It took a while for me to write the book that is the basis of this website, though. My writing had become tied to my drinking and doing it again was hard. For a while, I had to work on it one paragraph at a time. Eventually, like every thing else in my life during the recent years, it got better.

The book was just sitting there, a cartharsis for me. I decided I might as well put it to use, so it morphed into this website. After a while, I noticed something. I was receiving messages daily from people praising the website, but only a small proportion of the thousands of visitors to the website spent more than a minute or two on it. Many sent messages asking how to get the book. It became apparent that to reach the most people, my story needed to be in book form. It's hard to read a narrative on a website. So, I finished the book and published it through Amazon. To publish there, I had to agree not to give the book material away for free. So, the website has the outline of what it took to get so much better and the meat is in the book. It's priced at the lowest level allowed by Amazon for their Kindle Select program for E-books and CreateSpace program for paperbacks.

But, if the price is still too much, send a message. We'll work something out.

My Reclaimed Life - The Book

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My Reclaimed Life
The Book

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My Reclaimed Life
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