Finding Peace While Defeating Alcohol, Fat, Cigarettes, and Sloth
It's just About Getting Better . . .
Weight Management - Principles

Alcohol was  gone.

Nicotine was gone.

But the fat was still there.

In fact, the fat was worse. I weighed 220 pounds when I had my last drink of alcohol. I was closing in on 230 pounds on my six-foot-one frame three months after my last cigarette, and none of it was muscle. I thought it was way better to be fat than to be smoking cigarettes and drinking a pint of alcohol a night, but I knew fat wasn’t good and eventually got motivated to do something about that, too. A year later, in 2003, I weighed 165 pounds and that hasn't changed.

Here are the rules for managing my weight that has worked for me:

Rule One: Eliminate decisions.
Rule Two: Take a meal off .
Rule Three: Make no exceptions.
Rule Four: Deliver yourself from temptation.
Rule Five: Don’t guess the calories.
Rule Six:
Understand the "Weight Loss Plateu" thing.
Rule Seven: Never forget: This is for life.
Rule Eight: You must learn how to react to life differently.
Rule Nine: Sweat is essential.

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